Monday, May 25, 2009

amazed by how smart bunnies are & easy to train - kicks a cats butt any day! :P

Have to say this house training business is alot easier than I imagined. But perhaps it was the bunny I picked for house training rather than my technique??. Originally I had planned to breed large lops that were bigger than my dogs, but now I actually don't see the point , less fur to brush and less food to feed .. so I guess it's true size - doesn't matter it's all in the technique!

I ordered some rabbit leads this week too so they should come soon can take a bunny for a walk around the yard and get isaac interacting more with them all. The temperament of most of my bunnies that are born here for and kept for breeding is A1, I can let them run around the yard with nothing and they won't run away, but not something I normally do as they have play pens but just wanted to test it out today!

Can u believe this pup was trying to eat buns a few weeks ago. Amazing what some training will do. Guess I picked the worse breed of dog as they originally were trained to hunt bunnies , they could fit down the burrows and get em out.. However Dela still gets a bit excited when she sees Misty run around, i also don't like the 'licking of the lips' when this happens lol but I just have to say ' no stay' and she won't bother him. Practice will make perfect, can't complain after a few days I reckon!

The crate/litter tray in the cupboard - an enclosed cat litter tray would also work

Going back for a bite to eat

Resting in my room

OK that's enough animals for one day - time for Me time - which means sleep! Nitey nite! zzz

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