Friday, May 29, 2009

Applied to do TAFE today!

Hopefully I get into the course!!. It's run via correspondance through Moss Vale TAFE. I'm going to be doing an animals studies course so that I can do the Veterinary Nursing Courses also. I've always wanted to work with animals so it's something close to my heart that I know I will enjoy. Wasn't going to let on unless I got into the course but can always be hopeful! fingers crossed x


Animal Studies - Course Brochure

Veterinary Nursing -Course Brochure

I am also in the future going to be teaching Photoshop & Computer Design classes at a friends Art Gallery that is going to be opening in the area. :) I am very excited about that and also the possibility of having a digital design exhibition. No doubt the students will get to display their works they have created in my classes, I feel that will be very rewarding. Feel good about the things that I accomplished today and looking forward to the future again, was feeling very stuck in a rut for awhile but now feel I am starting to find my place and things are looking brighter. I have two different opportunities and I'm feeling very good about it all right now. :D

And.. Today! I also found a giant rabbit breeder , haha! it's the same Lady I'm getting our puppy Lucy from! So will possibly be purchasing a giant doe to begin breeding giant lops to be bred & sold as pet house bunnies. Can probably work this in with my Animal Studies class. House Training and setting up proper enclosure for rabbits and the correct ways to look after them.

A good day I feel, hope Isaac had a good day at school! He's got two parties this weekend so he should have a great time ;)

Kirsten x

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