Friday, May 22, 2009

A Bunny Tail : House ( & Pup ) Training with Misty

Day 2: We have begun house training our own bunnies here at nibble nursery. Misty is doing very well at using his crate for litter . I put some hay in there also. The first day he stayed in the crate pretty much, he hasn't been well so trying to get weight on him and out of this terrible wet weather and wind! My mother and land lord would probably freak seeing this but once we can minimise the hay mess by keeping in the crate they are probably alot cleaner and less messier than dogs and cats! And alot more quieter! ;) I used an animal pet carrier, you could use a enclosed cat litter tray with a roof as they like to have something to hide in. Sone people like to use a small cage they can go in and out of. Always supervise around other household pets.

Here is a video of day 2 training:

Tips on House Training from the Nibble Nursery:

House Rabbits

Rabbits can be trained to live inside the family home and use litter trays as would a cat. Here are some important things to take into consideration:

Rabbits nibble indiscriminately e.g. electric wires, telephone cables, and furniture.
Plastic tubing or slit hoses can be placed around wires and cables.
Protect treasured furniture.
Many rabbits injure themselves falling off couches or stairs. Rabbit’s break bones easily. Anticipate and prevent the risks.
Lead paint can also cause your bunny illness, so keep an eye out before mishaps happen. Many indoor plants are poisonous.

An indoor playpen can be used to keep bunny out of taboo places.

Make sure the litter tray is in each room the rabbit has access to. (read our toilet training section)
Rabbits would be unable to search the house to find the bathroom.

Rabbits can be bathed occasionally, using a wool wash, no tears baby shampoo or Aloe Vera shampoo, or specially formulated small animal shampoo.
Only wash the bottom and the feet in a small basin with about1-2 inches of warm water. No need for a total body wash. Rabbits clean themselves as do cats.

· Avoid disinfectants, deodorants, fly spray, and perfume.

· Parsley in the diet helps urine smell sweet.

Rabbits like to have a safe place to retreat and sleep like a box of hay , a hidey house or a pet tent.

Hay is messy and because of this reason sadly many house-rabbits miss out on this essential food due to its inconvenience. The Hay rack is ideal, pet tent, basket or even a cardboard box placed on a mat prevents excess mess.

Indoor Hay Basket


Bunnies should still get some daily outdoor sun exposure, weather permitting, in a playpen or safe backyard.

Heat and cold
Slate, tiles, and polished boards, are an unsuitable surface.
Towels or mats need to be provided.
Grass mats are good and inexpensive.
Avoid exposure to excessive artificial heating, cooling, and drafts.

Other Household Pets

Another animal can befriend a rabbit, however you must ensure the rabbit’s safety at all times with supervision.

Most cats seem to get along ok with bunnies but its recommended that all pets are supervised as a scratch to the eye from a cat could be quite nasty.

A dog may seem fine towards a bunny from the other side of the cage just as a rabbit will often come right up and stiff through the cage, but it's a different matter when both are on the same side, a rabbit would run from a dog if she were uncaged .

After being harassed by a playful pup, even if it was not the dogs intent to harm it, the rabbit can go into a terminal state of shock. If you find that your rabbit has been badgered by another animal, get veterinary treatment immediately. Symptoms may not show up for several hours, and by then it may be too late. (more info)

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