Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bikini girls swig champagne on croc trap

There seems to be a bit of weird news coming from the Northern Territory of late.. LOL. idiots but some nudists were caught doing it also back in June this year, they copped a $100 fine lol..


Bikini croc trap

A PHOTO has emerged of two bikini-clad women risking life and limb by larking atop a crocodile trap in the Northern Territory.

These bikini-clad ladies were spotted singing in the rain, using champagne bottles as microphones, while standing on a croc trap in a crocodile-infested river in Maningrida.

Their mates were in a fishing boat several metres away taking photos.The image, taken at the weekend, surfaced today - a day after the Northern Territory News published a picture on the front page of two male tourists tempting fate by doing a similar act at Jim Jim Falls in Kakadu National Park.

The hooligans were laughing and joking as they posed as cowboys riding atop the trap designed to catch man-eating reptiles.Park ranger and crocodile expert Garry Lindner said the behaviour of the men was absurd.

"Crocs are attracted to the bait in the traps, so it is extremely dangerous to fool around like this," he said.

Readers from across the nation were outraged over Tuesday's story.

One reader suggested the photo caption should have read: "Dinner is served! Tonight's menu features two courses of stupid."

And another browser said: "I don't know about a croc trap but it certainly works as a moron trap."

Other comments included "The Darwin Awards were invented because of people like this!'' and "What dopes! And people wonder why they get eaten alive? Then we have the animal Nazi out saying kill all the crocs''.

Another reader posted: "Darn, they escaped again. Who is responsible for not securing the bait correctly?"

And an Alice Springs man said: "I would have expected that nearly all people would have the brains not to climb on a croc trap. I know this area, and although there's only a small chance of actually having crocs in there at this time of year, it's not unheard of.''

But not all agreed it was a dangerous act and some actually praised the men."Way to go! I'd do it if I was there too," a reader posted online. "Great fun it looks like. Should be more of it."

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