Monday, November 9, 2009

Woman passes driving test after 950 tries

hmm that's a bit scary they are going to let her on the road.. didn't she read the darn book?

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Woman passes driving test after 950 tries


South Korean woman Cha Sa-soon shows her application form for a driver's license in Wanju, south of Seoul / AP
A SOUTH Korean woman has passed a written exam for a driver's licence after 950 attempts.

Cha Sa-soon, 68, attempted the test almost every day since April 2005, the Associated Press reported.

She passed the written exam with a score of 60, a police official at the drivers’ licence agency in Jeonju, south of Seoul, said.

Mrs Sa-soon must now pass a driving test before getting her licence.

She told the Korea Times newspaper she needed the licence for her vegetable-selling business.

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