Friday, November 27, 2009

The World's Tallest Bikini Model

A US model measuring 205cm (6′7″) is set to grace the cover of Australian men’s magazine Zoo Weekly.

The model — Eve, 32, — appears on the cover of the magazine’s current issue alongside a 162cm-tall (5′3″) Australian model. ( that's quite short for a model!)

“No other magazine has put a woman who’s nearly 7ft tall on the cover,” editor Paul Merrill said.

Eve's Bikinis are all specially made for her. Currently, Guinness World Records is checking to see if the cover is a record.

"A model named Amazon Eve recently appeared in the Australian magazine Zoo Weekly. She has a beautiful face and figure, but it's her height that makes her stand out the most. According to Eve's MySpace page, the American model is 6' 8'' and 30 years old. In her Zoo Weekly photo shoot, high heels make her look even taller. She towers over a fellow model in her Zoo spread. The shorter woman's head barely reaches Eve's chest." Huffington Post

I thought I was tall but that's one huuuggee biittccch! She looks great though I think! ;D

Watch footage from the photo shoot: