Thursday, December 17, 2009

Caught on Google Street View

I am currently house hunting and have been making use of google maps to have a better look at the houses and surrounding area. I decided to check out some 'familiar landmarks' myself and thought it was pretty funny when I found my mum outside her house starting up the lawn mower.

After much 'googling' it is apparent that people are getting caught out doing many more humorous and illegal things on google maps - street view. You can imagine what else they might catch if it was updated on a more regular basis. I'm sure alot more people would get into trouble for being in the wrong place at the wrong time! I can tell the photos haven't been updated in my area since Christmas time last year..

Sun News reports how a furious wife called her divorce lawyers after spotting her cheating husbands car parked outside a female friends house when he was supposably away on a business trip! read article

Street View has triggered a stream of complaints from people caught on camera since its launch and has removed most of these scenes that are reported to them.
Google Sight Seeing also shows lots of interesting and bizarre things on google earth. Why bother seeing the world for real hey? Well the crop circle & wildlife photos are kinda cool:

( these have all been removed off the actual maps )

Someone a bit stuck?

Spider Man?


naughty naughty !

can't a dog take a leak in peace?

communal 'piss up'

Will probably use a bush next time..

did someone turn the heating up?

I think that road was meant to be blocked!

Just going for a casual walk with my gal.

Get A Room!

Who needs a nudist beach when there's the city park?

Might want to wait for the cars to stop first before crossing

There is nothing suss about passing large wads of cash through car windows

underage smoking

Google Earth - No these are not crop circles lol

Pacman aliens at work? lol

Pros - All dressed up and no where to go? lol

Pretty sure this is a toy gun

Not so sure this is a toy gun

Show us ya tits!

fight! fight! fight! fight!

No evidence of what is going on here..

Someone locked their keys in their car ?

I'm just hugging this graffti wall, really I am...

Just doing a bit of grocery shopping

I'm so clever I can ride two bikes at once!

I forgot my keys , seriously!

There's a tree there!

Love is in the air.. everywhere I look around

Lets compare shadows..

In need of some new reading material?

Amish people who don't believe in technology let alone having photos of themselves taken!

And then this giant lazer beam shot down from the sky

Aliens walk amongst us?

You are now entering robot land

Yes the google street car hit a Deer!

VIDEO: I don't think this is particularly funny! They were a bit over prepared don't you say! I wonder how they knew the street view car was going to swing by hmmm wouldn't be anything to do with the fact it was taken outside the Google Headquarters!

VIDEO: umm I'm sorry nerds but I think it's a street light that's not showing clearly lol

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