Monday, December 14, 2009

Do you believe in UFO's ?

Last Wednesday there were fears a UFO had taken to the skies above Norway. Others believed it was a a Stargate style wormhole opening a path to other galaxies.

It is now confirmed the strange lights in the sky were a failed missile test which has inspired me to blog about UFO sightings throughout the years.

A strange, spiral light in the sky is seen above Skjervoy, Norway, on Dec. 9.


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An eerie turquoise light that provoked hundreds of reports of UFO sightings when it appeared over Norway was created by the latest failed test-flight of a new Russian missile.

Rather than signalling the arrival of alien lifeforms or a meteorite in the Norwegian city of Tromso, the spectacular plume of light was produced in the wake of Russia's nuclear-capable Bulava missile.
It was test-fired from a submarine in the White Sea before dawn on Wednesday. It was the 12th test launch of the Bulava and the seventh time the firing has ended in failure, the Interfax news agency said on Thursday.
"At least this failed test made some nice fireworks for the Norwegians," said Pavel Felgenhauer, a leading Russian defence expert. He said Russia's armed forces would consider the latest failure of the Bulava to be a major embarrassment.
On Wednesday the Norwegian Metrological Institute received hundreds of phone calls from confused members of the public.
The light was captured on camera by a local man, Jan Petter Jorgensen, while he was on his way to work at a salmon factory. "The light appeared for two to three minutes. I could not believe my eyes, and got the shivers and was quite shaken by it," he said

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"A UFO is an object or light seen in the sky or on land, whose appearance, trajectory, motions, lights and colors do not have an obvious conventional or natural explanation, and which cannot be explained, not only by the original witness, but by scientists or technical experts who try to make a common sense identification after examining the evidence." Center for UFO Studies


According to multiple surveys over the last several decades and from different countries: ~8% of people think they have seen a UFO. Over 150.000 UFO sightings have been documented in the last 60 years and recorded in various databases, but the total number of UFO sightings is estimated to be in the millions. There are several thousand sightings reported each year, yet surveys show that only a small percentage of those who see a UFO report the sighting.
Of all of the reported sightings, a "core" between 5% and 25% (depending on the sample) remain unidentifiable to expert examination. These are the real UFOs i.e. inexplicable both "high quality" and "high strangeness" cases, the rest being cases considered inconclusive (i.e. with insufficient information) and cases considered identified, either probatively or conclusively (as e.g. misinterpreted astronomic or meteorological phenomena, optical illusions, balloons, aircraft, birds etc). Deliberate fraudulent reports / hoaxes are relatively few, under 5%.
Although the term "flying saucer" infers a disk-like craft (which is a common type seen near the ground), most UFOs observed in daylight, when the shape and details can be seen, are described as having simple symmetrical geometric shapes: disk/saucer, sphere/round, egg/oval/elliptical, cigar/cylinder, conical/ice-cream cone, triangular/pyramid, fireball/"orbs" and variety of sizes. More Info


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What do you believe is out there?

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