Monday, February 15, 2010

The Mystery of Windermere

Drivers locked out in Windermere 'black hole'

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Spot nicknamed "Windermere Triangle"
Locals blame traffic lights, ghost

DOZENS of drivers in England's Lake District have found their key fobs don't work when it comes to unlocking their cars.

The anomaly seems to be occurring along a short stretch of a street in Windermere and has led to it being dubbed the "Windermere Triangle".

"I have a Renault Megane and the other day I tried to lock it and all four windows came down," resident Judith Ainsworth said.

"It's as if you have come to some sort of black hole for cars."

A car parts supplier has been flooded with requests for batteries, but the fobs still don't work.

Locals have blamed the phenomenon on a set of traffic lights installed two years ago.

One local told the BBC once the lights turned amber then his fob worked again.

But town centre manager Paul Holdsworth said that the traffic lights and key fobs used completely different technology.

"Traffic light experts assure us that changing from red to green cannot affect car locks," he said.

"If they did, people would be being locked out all over Britain."

But two staff members at a town bakery blame it all on a ghost named "Albert" from a nearby funeral parlour.

"Random things happen here and we put it down to Albert," one said.

"We do think there is something strange going on in this corner of Windermere."


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