Thursday, March 25, 2010

Political Bloopers

We all make stuff ups from time to time but when you're a politician in the public eye it's a 'big f**king deal' as was exemplified at the signing of the historical health care reform bill last week.

According to the Washington Post, Joe Biden excitedly introduced Obama, then leaned over to say to the President, “this is a big f**king deal.” Vice President Joe Biden has been known for his stuff ups as you will see in the next video. Even our own Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has been known to let swear words pop out of his mouth from time to time in the public's watch.. watch >

VIDEO: The Morning Show - Political Gaffes

Another recent 'blooper' incident was during their first joint visit to Haiti , George W. Bush appears to have wiped his hand on Bill Clinton's shirt after shaking hands with a crowd of Haitians.

If that is what happened -- Breitbart.TV first raised the question after seeing the video below -- it builds on Barack Obama's story of Bush's compulsive need for hand sanitizer. But whatever Bush's reason, it looks pretty bad.
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VIDEO: George W. Bush Wipes Hand On Bill Clinton's Shirt After Shaking Hands With Haitians

Bush was a classic for making speech stuff ups:

Other Political Bloopers (VIDEO):

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