Saturday, March 6, 2010

US Festival Uses Kangaroo in Boxing Show!

Personally I think this is terrible and animal cruelty! See how far that guy would get with out those gloves or if he received a swift kick to the guts with those huge back legs!

 I  will also note that the Aussie Olympic flag is of a boxing Kangaroo , which too has been recently banned by the IOC at the Olympics (read below) . Here is a video from the Rocky Show Circus and related news article covering the event that was boycotted

It is an image that will leave every Australian sick to the stomach. Our national mascot dressed in shorts and boxing gloves with a rope tied around its chest, goaded into boxing a human clown.  

Article Shared From : 9 NEWS

Kraft Foods Australia says it is pleased that an American festival show featuring a red kangaroo that is goaded into fighting a human clown has cancelled the exhibition.

The American arm of Kraft - the owners of Vegemite - was sponsoring the show in the Texas town of Hidalgo, which claimed to be a celebration of all things Australian.

Following widespread publicity, Kraft released a statement on Saturday saying it was pleased the event had been cancelled.

"We understand the BorderFest Association, which organises this annual cultural celebration, has apologised for offending anyone, particularly the people of Australia, with the kangaroo boxing display," said Kraft spokesman Simon Talbot.

"That portion of the event has been cancelled.

"Kraft Foods is pleased they've taken this proactive stance."

News Limited newspapers reported on Saturday that the festival features an event called Rocky Show Circus, involving two kangaroos and their owner, Javier Martinez, who dons a clown suit.

Mr Martinez reportedly baits the kangaroo by pushing it and poking it before placing it in a headlock.

If the kangaroos fight back too much, Mr Martinez's wife Sandra restrains it using a heavy tether attached to a harness around the animal's chest.

Mr Martinez has defended the show, saying the kangaroos are in control at all times.

"You cannot force a kangaroo to do nothing," he said.

"(Kangaroos) only do what they want to do so we don't make them work, you work around them."

But News Limited said Mr Martinez is known to US animal welfare authorities, having been on their watch list since 2003, when two kangaroos he was caring for died within four months.

He's also been investigated by PETA, which says one of the kangaroos died from a bacterial disease called lumpy jaw.




The Boxing Kangaroo, a beloved symbol on Australia's Olympic Team's Flag has been hit with an Olympic ban. The IOC (International Olympic Committee) has ordered that a giant Boxing Kangaroo flag draped by the Australian Olympic team on a balcony at Vancouver's Olympic Athletes Village be taken down.
The Australian Olympic Team is standing firm and refuses to take down the Boxing Kangaroo, which has become a hot photo op in Vancouver. (read more)



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