Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Monkeys stolen from Symbio Wildlife Park

I am so annoyed the week I am about to send off my forms to work with these little guys whilst completing my zoo keeping course and all the little monkeys were stolen from the zoo :( Please help spread the word.  I hope they catch the bastards! One of the Tamarins was also supposably pregnant.

It's only been 2 weeks since a pair of Macaws were stolen from Taronga Zoo.

Police have appealed for anyone with information about the theft to contact 
Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. :

This is an urgent plea to anyone who may have information on the theft of 8 endangered monkeys from Symbio Wildlife Park... 

thieves broke into the park on sunday night and stole a recently formed breeding pair of Cotton top Tamarins, and their 2 - 6 month old babies, also four 3 year old Pygmy marmosets. 

These animals are part of International breeding programs and are crucial to the survival of the species, there are only 300 Cotton top Tamarins left in the wild, so time is running out. 

These animals need specialised housing and diet to survive, if they are not returned home safely, they may not survive, the whole team at Symbio are extremely worried. 

If you have any information, or know someone who can, please email or call the park, everything will be treated anonymously, all we want is the animals home safe.... 

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  1. Monkeys returned to Symbio, one still missing:

    Today at 11:21am
    From the bottom of our hearts, we thank everyone who has read, and forwarded our message on Facebook, for all the calls, text messages and support from everyone.

    As of today we have 7 of our 8 stolen animals returned to the Park, they are doing well and it was remarkable to see how comfortable they became, once the knew they were home. They are happily jumping around and have tucked into a hearty breakfast of their favourites after a quick check over by the vet.

    The most important issue is that we have still not recovered Rico, a 6 month old Cotton top Tamarin, he has been separated from his family and we believe he is being held as a pet, these are social animals that are very family orientated, they need to be with their family to learn the skills of being a monkey, and a part of their social heirarchy, so PLEASE, any information on the whereabouts of Rco, let the police or Crimestoppers know, his family, and the whole Symbio community are eagerly awaiting his return.

    A massive thankyou to the Helensburgh police, and the Wollongong Detectives, an absolute class outfit that have gone ensured the safe return of theses endangered critters

    The Media pressure was also instrumental in recovering the monkeys, the press were all over the story and forced the people holding the animals to surrender them, so we thank the media for listening and being so efficient in breaking the story.

    its been a hectic few days, and its not over yet, its really hard to say it enough but THANK YOU to everyone involved.

    AWESOME NEWS! Hope they find the other one though still...

    Kirky x