Saturday, July 17, 2010

The dreaded MAN FLU!

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  • Scientists confirm 'man flu'

  • Cold becomes 'flu'; headaches are 'migraines'

  • It turns out half of men may upgrade a common cold to the flu, and headaches become migraines.
    Yes, "man flu" really does exist, with scientists confirming men are often not as ill as they say they are.

    But Kendall Cordes, 37, says this isn't rocket science, it's something she - and almost every woman she knows - has experienced first-hand.

    She wakes every morning to a running commentary of her partner Christopher Lynch's latest ailments.

    The Box Hill mother of two said she did not seem to get sick nearly as often as her other half.

    "I don't have time to get sick. If you're feeling a little bit crappy you just get on with it," Ms Cordes said.

    Ms Cordes, an accountant, said her sympathy had worn a little thin, because it normally meant more work for her.

    "In the beginning (of the relationship) I was perhaps a little more inclined to make him chicken soup and do all the nice things, but now I'm more like, are you serious? Again?"

    Mr Lynch, 40, admitted his colds always became flu, headaches were migraines, and when it came to a hangover, he was definitely at death's door.

    Mr Lynch, a plumber, magnified his illnesses to his partner so he could get sympathy and to get out of housework.

    "If I've got a headache, I'll go and lie down, and it's probably not that bad but it gets me out of doing the dishes," he said.

    Monash University psychologist Gordon Walker said men tended to confide mostly in their partners, so it was not surprising they bore the brunt of whingeing.

    But when it came to going to the doctor, men were reluctant patients and tended to tough it out more, Dr Walker said.

    The latest research has found half of men upgrade their ailments to gain maximum sympathy.

    They will also moan more than women when suffering a bug or virus, the British researchers found.

    This is despite the fact they catch fewer colds and flu each year - five compared with women's average of seven.

    The study of 3000 people did find that women are more likely to mention minor ailments every day.

    "Men have had bad press concerning their tendencies towards 'man flu', but our findings support the belief that men do moan more and are more likely to exaggerate their symptoms," said Karl Elliott of Engage Mutual Assurance, which commissioned the research.

    "They may have fewer bouts of genuine sickness a year, but when ill, their attention-seeking behaviour makes sure their partner knows about it."

    According to the women surveyed, almost half of men exaggerate their symptoms, while just 40 per cent of men said the same of their partners. Women reported that 66 per cent of men were constantly moaning.

    - with Daily Mail

    THE COLD HARD TRUTH - Does man flu exist?


    "Yes, I think it exists. I have mates who are always sick, and telling people how sick they are for attention."
    James Bryant, 35, Princes Hill, Melbourne

    "Yeah, I think men are bigger sooks. It pays though, we get looked after. We recover sooner. Good survival skills. It even goes back to caveman times."
    Ben Isbel, 20, Brisbane

    "I don't think it exists. Just an excuse for laziness. I reckon it's just those pansy guys, they need to toughen up."
    Tommy Ho, 18, Keysborough, Melbourne

    "No. Some blokes are just whiners. They want to get out of work, more attention from the missus. If I get sick I have to keep on working."
    Simon Fernleigh, 32, Ferntree Gully, Melbourne

    "Yeah, I suffer from that, so the missus will look after me better. She will usually will say get back to work otherwise. I think 90 per cent of Australian men do it too."
    Joel Pontin, 35, Airport West, Melbourne


    "Yeah. A close family friend, whenever he is sick, he can't cook, do the dishes, can't do anything pretty much. I know a lot of macho blokes who do it."
    Clare Keogh, 18, Spotswood, Melbourne

    "Definitely. I have a husband and two sons. Whenever they are sick they are dying. If a woman gets sick, she has to keep on going."
    Gill Richardt, 50, Somerville, Vic

    "Men exaggerate of course. A man can die from a common cold. I think they have a lower threshold for pain and suffering than women."
    Tori Bailey, 28, Rockhampton, Qld

    "Yes, sometimes they are just big babies. They are always the ones to call in sick at work. The term "man flu" is quite fitting though."
    Alicia Jordinson, 25, Hornsby, Sydney

    "I think it only exists in winter when it is relevant. In my eyes, it's the only thing that they can get away with. Women do it too sometimes."
    Janine Procter, 22, Frankston, Melbourne


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