Sunday, February 20, 2011

Rabbit Rescue vs Breeding

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Once you own a house bunny you realise why bunnies shouldn't be kept in cages!
So sad that people don't give their buns much exercise and a chance to kick their legs up and run and binky about :) ... I wonder if people who keep their bunnies in cages all the time have even seen their bunnies  kick their legs and flick their ears up when you call their name and run to you, it's the cutest thing ever! I love that I have my bunny so comfortable with me now she jumps up on the lounge and comes and sits on my lap :)

The only cage Roxanne uses is actually used just as her litter tray & hay containment area :) or place to put her in when she needs to be secured for a short period of time (like mopping the floors lol ) or transported.. Made it easy to start off in cage for litter training when she was young and small. Her roaming area then expanded to the laundry and now she has the rest of the house when supervised :) She learnt to litter train in one day so never actually lived in it  lol.. it basically contains the mess which makes for easier cleaning :)

This photo makes me sad :( so cramped poor babies can't even move let alone binky

I will never go back to breeding again either - too competitive and nasty at shows, too many breeders breeding the same rabbits to what - make money ? There's no real money to be made, and often I see that they are not kept in the best and cleanest conditions.

I admit when I was breeding I kept my buns in very large breeding hutches made from massive wardrobes, giant in comparison to store bought cages and they were litter trained too. I was only a small breeder but I know it would be impossible to keep that many rabbits all free range 24/7, but they got exercise daily they had playpens to excercise in the shed and outside we had a big rabbit yard for free roam time during the day when mozzies weren't out to dig and kick and play.. but now I feel they need even more, and with myxomatosis at such a high risk, keeping them as house bunnies is a much better and safer option. 

Instead of owning many rabbits I am much happier with myself by helping promote rescue bunnies and teaching people how to care for them properly so they don't end up being abandoned and end up at shelters.

I really feel it's not the amount of bunnies you have that proves your love for rabbits , it's actually the amount love you have to give out that means the most.

play tunnel & chew basket - keeps me entertained so I don't ruin the furniture :)

Bunny Love : running to mum to give her bunny kisses or jumping up on the lounge to chill out with her :)

There's too many mini lop breeders and it's crazy! I am always hearing about fights and bitchiness, mostly through facebook of course. I remember when I used to visit breeders to buy my bunnies, it scared me off attending shows as I don't like to get caught up in bitch fights that's for sure.. This post is not having a stab at breeders or stereotyping breeders, or against anyone in particular but I hear about it going on between a fair few breeders and just makes me question the intentions of some breeders.

Have people forgotton about why they are breeding? Have they forgotton about loving and caring for their animals? Have they forgotton about teaching people how to look after them so they don't end up being given up or dumped in the wild and that they can be a 10 year commitment? Have they learnt about rabbit language and what their bunny is telling them?.. Maybe their buns are saying "Get me out of this stinking cramped cage, quit your bitching and start cuddling me ." :P

It suddenly seems like it's less about the little loveable creatures and more about competitiveness and nastiness , and I guess it would only be worse at cat and dog shows!  

Rabbits are amazing little creatures that can also be trained but need to have alot of time and patience for. If they aren't happy and given free time to run and play they are also less likely to bond with you and become cranky rabbits. Cranky rabbits that will stomp their feet cos they don't want to be in their cage, or lunge at you cos they haven't spent enough time with you to figure you out so they become scared of you. It's just like their owners haven't spent enough time with them to figure them out or they haven't been handled from a young age.. I've never ever heard Roxanne stomp once! :D

Mega Sized Rabbit Run = happy bunnies :)

I am actually going to look for a rescue rabbit to be friends with Roxanne, I spend 2 days at tafe now so I think she would like some extra company for those few hours during the day and bunnies like to live in groups, but not too many more than that :) two would be just fine.. I will probably be getting another female or a neutered male! Bonding will be easier if done while she is young and most rescue rabbits come desexed :)

Here are some ads and links for rabbit rescue groups (mostly australia) , please feel free to comment if you have more you would like to add to this list.

These are rescue groups in Australia :

search for bunnies & other pets needing homes all over Australia -

(Central Coast , NSW Australia )

Picture of Nimbus -Desexed and Vaccinated Picture of Ursula -Desexed and Vaccinated Picture of Ellie-May -Desexed and Vaccinated Picture of Humphrey -Vaccinated


(Northern NSW, Australia)

The Rabbit Sanctuary


Some photos of bunnies needing homes :



(Perth, Australia)


(Perth, Australia)


(Blacktown, NSW,  Australia)

Some photos of bunnies needing homes:

(Blacktown, NSW,  Australia)


There are so many bunnies needing homes on this site! :(


Please feel free to contact me if you would like me to add your rabbit rescue group to this list :)


  1. really fantastic post. I was going to say totally awesome but ... not sure it would sound as sincere.

  2. thankyou i read some bitchy comments on facebook , breeders having fights and i was going to write it as a status then thought i would blog and i just kept going with it.. lol :)