Friday, April 15, 2011

Scrapbook MAX! 2.0

Digital Scrapbooking with Scrapbook MAX! 2.0

Scrapbook MAX! digital scrapbook software is the fun, fast and affordable way to scrapbook using your computer. With an easy-to-use design space and tools that give you complete creative control, you can make a gorgeous scrapbook in minutes, or spend a leisurely afternoon scrapbooking.
Scrapbook MAX! Digital Scrapbooking Software
Best of all, if you know how to use your mouse, you are already capable of making a beautiful scrapbook page! All it takes is a few simple clicks to add digital photos and elements to your page. Then, use your mouse to easily move, resize, and rotate everything on your page in real time – just like working with paper and scissors. Adding shadows, professional image effects and bending and stretching text are also done intuitively with your mouse.
The approach may be a cinch to master, but the results are absolutely professional. Create stunning prints of your pages and make hardbound photobooks and albums. Output your pages as high-quality.JPG, .PNG, and .TIF images, PDF documents, slideshows, movies and more. Each publishing option creates a lasting, professional quality archive of your scrapbook pages. There is no better way to preserve your precious memories, and explore your creative side along the way.


See Scrapbook MAX! digital scrapbooking software in action in this short overview video. Learn just how easy it is to get creative with your memories!


Make gorgeous pages in minutes with feature-packed Scrapbook MAX! 2.0. Here are just a few of the super-creative tools and possibilities at your fingertips in Scrapbook MAX! software!
  • Start with a fully-customizable template or design unique pages from scratch
    Scrapbook MAX! page templates let you move, rotate and resize all the elements in the ready-to-use scrapbook layouts to exactly suit your needs. If you prefer to start with a blank page you can do that, too! Combine photos, embellishments, papers and text to design a completely original page.
  • Edit your photos to suit your page and your creative vision
    Add your digital photos to a page with a quick click. The sky is the limit for what comes next. Re-color, re-size and even re-shape your photos into creative designs. Transform color images into classic grayscale or sepia pictures, enhance your photos with professional-quality image effects and fully-customizable drop shadows, and so much more.
  • Enjoy infinite design possibilities with our stylish digital scrapbooking content
    There are endless possibilities when you combine the thousands of top-quality embellishments, paper scraps, backgrounds, and shapes designed exclusively forScrapbook MAX! by top digital designers. Let your imagination run wild as you mix and match the one-of-a-kind elements we’ve included. Your pages will be truly unique.
  • Add artistic journal text and captions to give your pages a strong sense of style
    With Scrapbook MAX!, you can curve, bend, and stretch your text into stunning patterns and shapes. And that’s not all. Make your text stand out even more by applying shadows, adding outlines, pattern fills, and more. You control everything about the final look of your text, making the pages in your mind come to life.
  • Dress up your embellishments by colorizing, tinting and applying shadows
    Digital photos aren’t the only elements you can re-imagine with effects. You have complete control over embellishents, too! Change their color, or enhance them with tinting. Add dimension by throwing in a shadow or two at precise angles and degrees. You can even specify different colors for your shadows. You truly have complete control over every aspect of your page.


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