Friday, May 6, 2011


Thought I better write a little blog about my other little creative venture - CERAMICS!

We are having an exhibition tomorrow at TAFE and a  Mothers Day market too.

I just finished wrapping and putting these small inexpensive ceramic gifts together.  :)
Included are bowls, tealight candle holders, oil burners, bunny ornament and vase which will have flowers in it on the day and dish for business card.

Here are my pieces that were chosen for the 'Blue Room' exhibition :

 Will post more exhibition photos after the actual exhibition is on.. Don't want to spoil the fun ;)

Here are all the pieces I worked on in first term this year at TAFE .

They all had to be blue in first term 2011 :

Small wheel and hand built pieces:

Photos of the little painting I did on 'The Mermaid & The Dugong' Vase:

Two Sides of Mermaid &  Dugong Vase:

Other things I have made :

Pink Rose Set - Oil Burner, Bunny &  Bowl

Personalised Pet Dish (for Roxanne)

Ready for Market:

Kirky x

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