Thursday, June 21, 2012

One McBurger with lies please

Fast-food firm's own video reveals why items on the menu never look like what you are served.

Reality check: A photo showing half a store bought McDonald's burger and one created for advertising purpose.
Ever wondered why the burger or food you've purchase never looks like it does in the advertisements?
McDonalds Canada answered this question of one of its customers with a video that goes behind the scenes and reveals what really goes on in a quarter pounder photo shoot advertisement.
The ‘food styling’ takes place in a photography studio where each ingredient is carefully prepared. Miss Bagozzi tells viewers: ‘That burger [made in a normal McDonald’s] was made in about a minute or so. The process we go through on the average shoot takes several hours.
‘I think that it’s important to note that all the ingredients are the exact same ingredients that we use in the restaurant. So it is the exact same patty, it’s the exact same ketchup, mustard and onions, and same buns.’

The video shows how each ingredient is carefully put into place, with the onions, pickles and sauces placed at the edge of the bun so they can seen. After the ingredients are in place, the cheese is gently melted using a heated palette knife. A computer is used to add the finishing touches.

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