Saturday, October 20, 2012

What will they think of next?

Sitting here literally laughing my arse off after seeing this shared post on facebook...

So.... Before you freak out, your initial thoughts are probably a lot different to what the product is actually intended for. So best you get your mind out of the gutter! ;)

Yes this is a facial exerciser of course! How could you think any differently? No it's not a hot dog eating device, nor a night time snoring preventer. Well I only discovered this after my intrigued mind decided to do a reverse image search on Google. ;)

I know you're just dying for more info!

Facial Slimmer Exercise Mouthpiece 

 "To get and maintain the perfect visage, you don't need the cosmetic surgeon's knife. All you need is a mouthpiece. Yes, the Face Slimmer is a simple solution to the timeless problem of how to give sagging facial skin and muscles that much-needed daily lift."

I bet you're asking yourself why you haven't been using one of these sooner? lol

View the Japanese Face Slimmer Mouth Piece Here:

In the meantime whilst I was stunned by this fascinating invention I also came across these other weird and wacky Japanese inventions.

I bet you will all be putting these fantastic inventions on your Christmas wish list this year!

Pupeko Anti Aging Mouthpiece

"Searching for that youthful look? Forget expensive surgery or dangerous therapies! Japan has the answer and it is as simple as it is, well, unusual. Just pop the colorful Pupeko gently into your mouth, clench your jaw and breath in and out."

Yeah and look like a total freak in the meantime! Looks really comfortable to breathe with don't you think? ;)

View The Anti Aging Mouthpiece Here:

Butterfly Beauty Nose Clip

"Not only does this beauty product look cute, it spreads that cuteness onto you too. The Beauty Nose is designed to firm and tighter your nose, giving you the high profile you've always desired. Adjustable to two degrees of hardness, the clip puts gentle pressure on four nose bones in order to allign your nose the way you want it."

Ahmmmm all I can say is ouch! You might as well stick a banana hair clip on your schnoz!

View The Beauty Nose Clip Here:

Shouting Vase Holds Your Anger

"Turn your loudest, most urgent frustrations into mere whispers with the Shouting Vase. The plastic jug is designed to fit over the contours of your mouth and absorb your screams and shouts, “storing” them in the vase and emitting a softer version of your angry cries through the tiny hole at the base."

Ummmm I think I need more than a vase to hold my anger ;)

The Beauty High Lift Nose

"Push up that nose of yours to create the perfect profile with this handy Beauty Lift High Nose, a beauty gadget that applies gentle electric vibrations from the bottom, side and front. Just slip it on and turn on the switch on the front of the frame."

Am I the only one who thinks this looks more painful than having actual plastic surgery? Up , up and away!!

View The Beauty High Lift Nose Here:

Eco-Otome Toilet Sound Blocker

"We all know what's it like. You are sitting on the toilet and you know the people right outside can hear your every noise. Well, now we have the perfect product to help you in this embarrassing situation"
Ahh yeah I'm sure that making repetitive electronic flushing noises is going to be less embarassing.. They have thought of everything!

View the Toilet Sound Blocker Here:

What will those Japanese think of next? ;)

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