Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Misty the Rabbit with no fear!

Another rainy day inside in the morning... Was kinda funny when Dela put her nose too close to Misty so he growled at her! haha Misty has got alot of guts , I think she thinks the dogs are rabbits that smell funny and the dogs aren't too sure yet! lol.

Misty is a Cashmere Lop. He is a Siamese Smoke Pearl colour. Everyone is going very well with the new housing arrangements including Isaac and ajusting our ways now we have a house bunny! Misty seems to have no fear and loves snuggling up to the dogs, Candy was scared aww and was shaking, then a piece of fluff mysteriously appeared on her nose! hmm but it's ok it was just from the fur I brush out of his coat! LOL Candy likes to eat fluff but she can't keep doing that she'll get fur balls! I think the ideas to house train a bunny instead of a cat is working out for the better! well so far ;P...

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