Friday, May 15, 2009

WTF Thermal Winter Wear

WTF Thermal Winter Wear

it's getting cold here and we are starting to rug up! LOL

'Thermal Sarongs'

We have found a way to keep warmer and called it the 'thermal sarong' without realising that we had been beated at our game with a full bodied version the 'snuggie'!!! ..

The thermal sarong is quite easy to achieve by grabbing your closest polar fleece blanket and wrapping it around your waist like a sarong!

Now here is the 'snuggie' which I only noticed on tv the other day ( hardly watch any tv so might be a bit slow with the times! and believe USA is way ahead with this!)

Here are questions and thought that come to mind -

If you shaved your head and wore the red one you'd have a good chance of getting into the monk monestry!
Wear a graduation cap with the blue snuggie & go up to collect your graduation certificate!
It's lucky they don't have a white version especially one with extra face warmth & eye holes!

And something even more ridiculous - the peekaru baby snuggie!

My first thoughts: Scary!!!
Second thoughts - Too bad if the baby had an itchy nose! - Lets torture the child shall we?

If the baby soils it's self does it stink you out with it, doesn't look like much ventilation!

The thought of being that baby makes me very closterphobic! haha

A paradody video of the snuggie ;P!

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