Friday, June 12, 2009

All For Kids - Channel 7

All For Kids starts on Channel 7 on the 18th of June at 3:30 pm and Isaac will be starring with the cockatiels Friday 4th September!

All For Kids

From the creators of Cooking For Kids with Luis comes a new kid’s series featuring six presenters - all 8 years old and under. Our young presenters take charge and demonstrate first hand how to cook, garden, do science and make stuff. It’s fun, energetic, charming and real….it’s a beauty! Each episode is hosted by young in studio hosts Karl and Keira who throw to short magazine stories presented by Chef Lindsay, Builder Christian, Mad Scientist Jameson and Gardener Madi all of whom take us on a journey into their lives and interests. All for Kids is real kids doing real things their way.

Episodes that were filmed that day at Freesia's with the kids and pets -

Pekin Duck – Wednesday 2nd September

Yabbie – Thursday 3rd September

Beagel – Monday 7th September

Tabby Cat – Wednesday 9th September

Cockatiel – Friday 4th September

websites :
GRAVITY MEDIA - All for Kids



  1. I think personally, teaching kids bad things, as for todays show, feeding a dog chicken ok, but then stated is is great to feed them chicken bones, which cooked chicken bones can kill! how does a child know from no cooked and cooked

  2. Does anyone have the recipe for golden syrup biscuits with choc chips that the kids cooked a few weeks ago? They looked delish!

  3. dogs can eat Cooked chicken bones , its not good for cats .Cooking softens the bones and prevents them getting stuck when they swallow them .Same like you dont give dogs chocolate , it can kill them if it is not proper dog chocolate .It is made different to chocolate for humans

  4. Lol well i think there is a bit of confusion then about the whole bone thing. All i know is when i had small dogs and cats the only chicken bones they got were necks was too scared about them slicing their internal organs so just avoided all together to be sure ;)

  5. I would like to know if there is an actual website for the show "All for Kids".

    I have been going crazy trying to find it!

  6. can't find one anymore the links i had no longer exist. They do have a facebook page though:

  7. No you cant feed cooked chicken bones to dogs cooking them makes them britle and they stab into their throats. No you cant feed cooked chicken bones to dogs cooking them makes them britle and they stab into their throats.

  8. I would like some of the craft ideas for my own children to make. Is there are page where i can find and print???