Thursday, June 11, 2009

just received a letter from Nana ....

Dear New Mummy,

I am about to join your family. I am feeling very nervous... but my Mummy says, I am very fortunate and blessed to go to my new family. A lot of people will give me lots of cuddle and love, and will play games with me. and I will trying to be dogs best friend.

When I arrive at your home, I think I will be very scared. There will be a lot of new sound, new smell which I never experienced before... I may be so scared that I will want to hide... When I arrive at the new home, can you please first show me where is the litter tray, scratch post, food and water? Once I know where they are, it will make me feel a little bit at ease... I think I should be able to get used to the new home soon, then will charm you all with my cute face and personality... you will love me to bits.. teehehe

At the moment my Mummy gives me Royal Canin Kitten dry food, and Fancy Feast canned food, mixed with raw mince (beef or lamb) meat . Hmm yum! Sometimes Mummy also gives me a little bit of Tuna, that is my favorite food, but I can only have very small piece, ...every time mum open a can, I thought...oh~~that must be tuna for me, I will then stand up on my back legs to take a better look....

Mummy says, I can only have 2 meals per day.
Mummy also told me that I cannot have too much liver and tunna . Eating too much of those will make me sick, and I will become a very fussy eater... Mummy don't like to see me being picky on food...

Before I go to your home, mummy will clip my nails, also have a shower.....mmmm.....comfortable!!!!

My favorite toy is the rope. Especially the Sisal rope! Don't give me plastic strings, I like to chew that and swallow it. And it will cause me to vomit it out later.....eeewww

If my claws are feeling itchy I would like to go scratch post,... so please show me where I can have a good scratch..

Oh, and! I use litter trays with lids? ^_^
It makes me feel have toilet in the enclosed litter tray..

My mum has 10 cats to love, sometimes more babies to care, I don't like many others to share mum's love...
I am a very good cat, I don't
scratch anything, I don't get angry with mum or daddy or sisters...I am very good when I have my nails being clipped and taking a bath.....I love to sit and cuddle on mum's lap, and purrrr loudly. I love fallowing mum's feet everywhere....
I love to play with mum and sister too, but I am getting less time on my mum's lap and arm....because too many other cats are fallowing mum's feet.....
I love attention....I hope I can have a lots of
attention....Mum said she will find someone who can spend a lot of time with me and enjoy my company.

And, and... if new Mummy and new Daddy has any questions, or would like to know more about me, Mummy said she would love to hear from you.

With lots of love and cuddles~

2007-07-22 003 My Munchkin Nana  Color pencil
Colour Pencil Drawing of Nana by her current owner Mago Lee ( she is also an artist/designer)

CrunchyMunchies Cattery

Mago's Art Gallery


How cute, me thinks Nana is not so good on Engrish tho ;)

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