Thursday, June 11, 2009

will own a sausage dog and a sausage cat as of sunday

Introducing - Nana

yes it was bout time to add some feline friends to the clan. My mother wold be mortified! But did u ever hear of a sausage cat? The breed is a 'munchkin' and it's got small legs like Dela and Lucy the dachshunds ;) and my favourite colour - chocolate spotted, Nana is the only chocolate spotted one in Australia. ;) She is 4 years old and getting her a kitten friend ( isaac's kitten that he's getting for his birthday)

Nana is used to dogs - a short legged corgi and a silky ( so will be fine with candy & dela)

Introducing Isaac's kitten - Walter!

Walter named after the boy in Isaac's favourite movie - Zathura. Walter is only 5 weeks old and is a cream/ginger tabby (normal legged) kitty with blue eyes. He's used to being around small kids and will grow up with having Nana to look after him. ;) He's the same colour as his mate Tyler's cat - what is it with these kids and competition hehe. We pick up Walter today and Nana on Sunday. Lucy arrives in about a month or so we are going to have our hands full! And that will be the last of buying pets for a very long time. I swear that's it! 3 Dogs, 2 cats, 2 axolotls and lots of bunnies... nothing else!! ;) I mean it!!!


  1. hi~
    I found your blog...teehee~~^_^
    That kitten is cute too!

    Please remember bring a carry cage with you on Sunday~^_^

  2. hehe yep will def bring the carrier for her. Can't wait till we get her as you can see from my blog ;)