Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kilo of metal found in man's stomach

I find this weird & interesting as I had a dream about this not long ago that I had swollowed all kinds of sharp metal objects (mostly pins) and had an x-ray and could see them all floating around inside me! But why anyone would eat them deliberately is beside me... WEEEIIRRDD NEWS! I ♥ IT! haha


Article Shared From - World Breaking News

Kilo of metal found in man's stomach

Agence France-Presse

DOCTORS in northern Peru have removed almost a kilogram of nails, coins and scrap metal from a man's stomach, a surgeon that operated on him said today.
"The patient came in with severe abdominal pains. After examinations we discovered that he had hundreds of nails in his stomach,'' Carlos Delgado, a surgeon at the hospital in the town of Cajamarca, told AFP.

Requelme Abanto Alvarado was admitted to the hospital on Friday. After a two-hour operation doctors removed 900 grams of nails, coins and scrap metal from his stomach, as well as a small knife.

"I have never had a case like this,'' the surgeon said. "I have operated on plenty of patients, but so many things in a stomach, it's really extraordinary.''

Alvarado was in a stable condition following the operation, Dr Delgado said, adding that he was now being examined by mental health specialists.

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