Thursday, November 12, 2009

Woman mauled by chimpanzee, unveils face on Oprah

Oh the Poor woman. :( This still doesn't prevent me from wanting to work with primates though, but I believe they should be kept in their natural environment. It's very unfortunate what happened to her and the owner should of been more responsible, for starters by not keeping a chimpanzee as a pet!.. Supposably the chimpanzee was very social with humans & raised as a family member (even drank wine!! WTF??) , then one day he was having ' a bad day' and his owner tried to calm the chimp down & call on his friend & neighbour Charla & that is when things turned bad..

VIDEO: Why Did Chimp Attack Woman?


Charla Nash, Connecticut woman mauled by chimpanzee, unveils face on Oprah

Charla Nash (right) appears on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Nash (left) poses before she was attacked by a chimp.
Today Show/Harpo Studios/ABC News
Charla Nash (right) appears on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Nash (left) poses before she was attacked by a chimp.

If Charla Nash still had eyes, she too would be horrified.

The Connecticut woman who was mauled by a 200-pound chimpanzee revealed to the world Wednesday what was left of her face.

"The veil is lifted," Oprah Winfrey said as she helped Nash remove her hat and coverings before a stunned studio audience.

Her nose, lips and eyelids were ripped off by the berserk beast in February.

The face Nash displayed was swollen and damaged beyond recognition, with a large mound of skin where her nose had been.

Remarkably, Nash told Winfrey she feels no pain. Nor is she angry about what happened to her.

"I don't even think about it," Nash insisted on Wednesday's episode of "The Oprah Winfrey Show." "And there's no time for that anyways because I need to heal, you know, not look backwards."

Nash said she found out just a few weeks ago that the reason she cannot see is because she no longer has eyes. She said that's a blessing, in a way.

"It's like less for me to worry about if I don't know," she said.

Nash was visiting her friend and business associate Sandra Herold in Stamford, Conn., when Herold's pet chimpanzee, Travis, attacked her.

Police later killed the chimp and Nash's family has filed a a $50 million lawsuit against Herold.

In addition to losing her face, Travis tore off Nash's hands. She's being treated at the Cleveland Clinic in Ohio and is forced to eat everything through a straw.

Nash said it feels like "patches of tape or gauze" are covering her face and she doesn't remember anything from the attack. She knows from having touched her face that "I have my forehead."

Nash said she tries to walk every day, even when she doesn't feel well. She says she covers her head to avoid scaring people.

"I'm the same person I've always been," she said. "I just look different."

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