Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mystery holes in roof! Could they be from meteorites?

Mystery holes in roof could be meteorites

An SES volunteer examines the holes left in a Grovedale roof. Picture: Darren Apps.
  • Large holes blown in roofs
  • Police blame weather 'microburst'
  • Others say it could be a meteorite

LARGE holes were blown in the roofs of two Grovedale homes on Saturday afternoon, baffling emergency workers and weather experts.

One couple reported hearing a loud bang, while a neighbour also heard the crashing sound about 3.30pm, The Geelong Advertiser reported.

SES and police told Sturt Court couple Tony and May Giuffre the damage was caused by an unusual weather phenomena called a microburst.

But weather expert Lindsay Smail dismissed that claim because that weather pattern was only associated with thunderstorms, and none were present on the weekend.

The Astronomical Society of Victoria's president Perry Vlahos predicted a marble-sized piece of space junk or meteorite could have caused the damage and the evidence would be found in the area around the two houses.

Read more at The Geelong Advertiser.

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Seems we are hearing alot more about meteorites and asteroids of late.. or are we just paying more attention to what they are doing??

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