Friday, December 11, 2009

Cannibal crocodile feasts on last two girlfriends

Heading to Sydney ... Igor the 4.62m saltie Source: The Daily Telegraph

IGOR has everything a self-respecting crocodile needs to be a good lover - he's big, he's strong and he's dashingly handsome.

But the 4.62m saltie doesn't seem to know the difference between love-making and dinner.

He killed his last two girlfriends, according to a report in the Northern Territory News.

And that was enough for the Darwin Crocodile Farm - Igor had to go.

The 650kg saltie is being exiled to Sydney where he will be put on show for tourists at an aquarium.

Croc handler Nick Robinson said: "I don't know why he attacked the girls.

"But it does happen. It depends on the male's temperament."

Igor was put in solitary confinement after his last murder.

The saltie's history is unknown beyond that he has been at the crocodile farm for many years.

Bikini girls swig champagne on croc trap

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