Thursday, February 18, 2010

NOW STREAMING: Live Surf Cam - Cronulla Beach

I am now streaming a live cam of the beach I live on and have just recently moved to ;)

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..And no I didn't set up the cam myself,  it is used by many sites such as coastalwatch and swellnet etc to show the surf. I'm not sure who owns the cam exactly? Maybe someone can tell me this, possibly the council or the surf club? It is attached to the life saving tower. It just happens to be in the vicinity of where I am located ..can't give too much away ;)

So now I suppose I have the view whether I am looking out my front window or sitting at my computer in the back room haha . Supposably I have nothing better to do than blog and watch the surf :)..


This cam was embedded with COOLSTREAMING...

You will need Windows Media Player to play the streaming video..


There are more cams and detailed surf reporting, swell forecasts and events at COASTALWATCH.
I really like this website, but was only able to embed the cam to my blog via CoolStreaming..

Setting up for the Kelloggs Nutri Grain Iron Man Competition FINALS this morning..
Oh geez that's going to be hard on the eyes ;P MORE INFO

Kirky x


  1. the cam was taken offline for the iron man, i'm guessing due to security reasons as security was at the beach for a few days..