Thursday, March 11, 2010

Korean Man Marries his pillow

Well if the Asians aren't marrying the dead they're marrying their pillows!

According to the Daily Contributor  Lee Jin-gyu, 27 years old, put a wedding dress to his beloved body pillow that has the picture of Fate Testarossa, a girl character from the anime series Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha. The “nuptials” were officiated by a local priest.
The pillow is a “dakimakura” (sample pictured), a large, huggable pillow that has popular anime girls printed in it. It has been a huge success from Japan where young men and teen-age boys were reported to be having “relationships” with the said bed items. There is a version for girls with anime guys printed on it.
Jin-gyu has been seen bringing the pillow to rides in the theme park and eating with it at restaurants.
This is not the first case of people marrying two dimensional anime girls. 

Last November, a man married his virtual “girlfriend” named Nene Anegasaki from the Nintendo DS game Love Plus. Their wedding took place in Guam.

I also read of a woman who married a dolphin in 2006!

Here is another article shared from : The Huffington Post
Remember that episode of "30 Rock" where James Franco's character was in love with a pillow? Oh that was so funny. You know, because it was a scripted television show. Not real life. I wouldn't think that would need such a distinction, but then again, I wouldn't expect a man in Korea to marry a pillow.
But according to the UK Metro, this is precisely what happened, as Lee Jin-gyu has made a body pillow his bride.
This isn't the time to go into a "If a man in Korea can marry a pillow, how is gay marriage still..." tirade. This is a time to just let your jaw hit the floor and bask in the ridiculousness of this happening. (Plus, it's not like he married aRobert Pattinson pillow. That'd be gay. Clearly the guy prefers female pillows, as he printed a busty anime character on the side.)
If you're dying to see the happy newlyweds in action, here's a look at their day at the amusement park. You must be this crazy to ride the roller coasters. 

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