Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Psychic Denies Being Surprised By Surprise Birthday Party

He must of seen something coming right, perhaps he is only good at reading other people ?

Article Shared: The Sarcasmist

In a twisted outcome, a psychic was hospitalised yesterday after being scared into a heart attack by what was supposed to be a surprise birthday party.
The psychic in question, who asked to remain anonymous, had an upcoming birthday, but his wife decided to throw him a surprise party a few days in advance, to simply coincide with the weekend so all their friends could attend. Unfortunately, the psychic didn’t see this surprise coming and ended up getting scared half-to-death when everyone jumped out yelling ‘Surprise!’.
The psychic is doing well physically; however, he refuses to admit that he was caught off guard by the surprise party. He insists that the heart attack was just a result of seeing his wife jump out from behind a couch.

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