Friday, October 15, 2010

'Euthanised' pet dog wakes up the next day!

A pet dog in the US has stunned her owners after she was "put down" by a vet — only to wake up alive the next day.

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Matt Olivarez, from Michigan, said a tearful goodbye to his 10-year-old Rottweiler Mia as he watched the vet inject her twice with a lethal cocktail of drugs, the WXYZ-7 News website reports.
He then took her body home in a blanket so that he could bury her the next day.
But Mr Olivarez said when he returned to where he had left her body in the garage the next morning it was gone.
Instead, he turned to find her standing on all fours, staring at him.
"For her to just wake up the next morning is very crazy. I watch scary movies. It was like a scene from Pet Sematary," he was quoted by the website as saying.
Mia, who suffers from spinal problems so severe she is unable to walk, may now need to be given another lethal injection to put her down but Mr Olivarez said he was not sure if he could go through with the procedure twice.
A veterinarian who works at the clinic where Mia was "put down" told Fox News the business was trying to examine all the facts in the case to determine what happened.
The clinic has promised to give Mr Olivarez a refund and apologised.

If this happened to any of my pets it would totally scare the bejeebus out of me~! haha

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