Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Seaweed helps with weight loss

Researchers from Newcastle University have said that adding alginate, which is found in sea kelp, to foods can reduce fat absorption by more than 75 percent. They say could be the answer to the obesity epidemic.

Scientists have said in a statement that the fibre is more effective in blocking fat absorption than most anti-obesity treatments available over the counter. But before you go and eat a ton of sushi, scientist are working on a bread that is made with seaweed in it . It's not currently available to purchase yet. read on...

Article Shared: Research: Seaweed helps with weight loss - WFIE.com

We often hear how the refined flour in bread is the enemy in people's battle of the bulge, but new research has found that bread with seaweed in it could actually help us lose weight.
Scientists said that fiber found in sea kelp can stop our body absorbing up to 75-percent of fat and could be the answer to the obesity epidemic, but is it all too good to be true?
It's the dieter's dream food.
The more you eat, the more you lose weight, but that's exactly what scientists at Newcastle University claim to have discovered.
The secret they said is seaweed, or more specifically, a natural fiber called alginate found in some sea kelp.
In clinical tests it reduced fat absorption 75 percent, and crucially, they said it can be added to everyday foods.
"You can add it to almost anything," Newcastle University Professor Jeff Pearson said. "It doesn't taste or smell of anything, so you can add it to dairy products, yogurts, cheese, you can put it in biscuits, potentially the sky's the limit with what you can incorporate it in anything."
Tests do show that the alginate is more effective than many over the counter weight loss products, but health professionals said people shouldn't rely on a cure-all.
"It must be very tempting to, that means you can still eat the foods that you might really, really enjoy, or might not spend as much time and effort," personal trainer Harland Sinclair said. "Unfortunately, we are made for exercise, we are not made to sit around."
The bread isn't available to buy yet, and with more trials needing to be done, it's unlikely to be on the shelves for at least five years, but in the lab at least there is the hope that they may just have found the secret weapon in the fight against obesity.

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