Sunday, May 23, 2010

Nestle to stop using palm oil after graphic Greenpeace Youtube video airs

Kit Kat manufacturer Nestle to stop using palm oil after graphic Greenpeace Youtube video airs.


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THE maker of KitKat chocolate bars, Nestle, has announced it will stop using oil from suppliers who are destroying rainforests.

The Sun said Nestle's move comes after Greenpeace accused the company of killing off orangutans by buying palm oil from companies connected with the destruction of rainforests.

Greenpeace released a YouTube video which showed Kit Kats were being made using oil from the biggest and most destructive producer in Indonesia - the Sinar Mas Group.

The campaign was a parody of Nestle's Kit Kat ads and showed an unwitting office worker taking a break to enjoy a Kit Kat chocolate bar - but instead biting into an orangutan’s finger, causing blood to stream down his face and onto his keyboard.

The ABC said Nestle tried to get Greenpeace's video withdrawn from YouTube, but Greenpeace campaign head Steve Campbell said that only boosted the number of posts online worldwide.
"We ended up with 1.3 million views at last count of the video," he said.

Nestle vowed yesterday to snub firms that own or manage "high-risk plantations or farms linked to deforestation".

"Nestle (is) determined to ensure that our suppliers do not buy palm oil from Sinar Mas, for all our factories," the company said.

The Swiss food giant buys 320,000 tonnes of palm oil a year. It plans to source all from green sources by 2015.

Ian Duff, forest campaigner for Greenpeace, said: "Nestle has done the right thing".

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